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KST Martial Arts: Free Teaching, Public Art, And Non-Violence

KST Martial Arts: Free Teaching, Public Art, And Non-Violence

KST Martial Arts: Free Teaching, Public Art, And Non-ViolenceKST Martial Arts: Free Teaching, Public Art, And Non-ViolenceKST Martial Arts: Free Teaching, Public Art, And Non-Violence

Basic Initiative

KST Founder: Indie Journalist, Psych Survivor Advocate, Martial Arts Scholar, Artist, and Anarchist

The King Snake Tradition is a martial community founded on utopian ideals. We exist that there may be a counter culture in the martial arts built on free teaching, public art, and non-violence.  We have our own unique point sparring system that is designed to hybridize mma and wrestling.  It makes for lightning quick fights where matches can be won or lost by pin fall. This is intended to inform a fighting strategy that is inspired by the king snake; a constrictor with superior reflexes. 

The work I've done to create KST has helped me to build a life out of madness. As a philosophical doctrine it draws from a practice which I devoted myself to in another reality. In this other reality, I rose to be the greatest warrior in history by following a path to be like the king snake. My course of study in martial arts has allowed that I reflect on and gain wisdom from this other reality. I integrate practices that allow that I access consciousness of spiritual dimensions. This practice supports my standpoint that madness, or a dark night of the soul, may be constructive of a richer or more creative consciousness. 

The KST System supports that there is political, ethical, and strategic content to balancing the pen and the sword, as I practice it. 

I hope that there will one day be a new martial art that emerges from KST. As it is now, it provides an intellectual framework from which anyone can create a martial arts program; a given program might support the solitary work of the martial artist; it might support that friends fight in a backyard; it might support the evolution of how a martial education is defined. 

If you decide to implement my ideas in your practice, then, best of luck. But do not underestimate the importance of self-knowledge as means to understanding in this practice. It is not without conflict that we understand ourselves; but in finding the means to understand ourselves we become the individuals we were meant to be. 

KST MISSION:To have the most radicalized martial community in the country.

KST MISSION:To have the most radicalized martial community in the country. 

6 Elements for Martial Discipline

Calisthenics and Ground Mobility Training

Ground Element

Ground mobility, disciplines the technique and physical requirements, necessary, to evolve towards fighting like the king snake. The king snake is a constrictor known for eating other snakes.  KST is a ground fighting discipline that is wrestling based; and, as such it is necessary, to developing athleticism in this art. 

Speed Element

Hand speed, and good head movement, are necessary, to discipline in this art.  The king snake’s primary, advantage, is its superior, reflexes. 

Toughness Element

Living like a Discordant is meant to contribute to your mental toughness and fortitude.  However, it is highly recommended, for fighting, using KST, that shin conditioning, as well as body conditioning, be taken seriously.  Well conditioned shins for a boxer/wrestler makes for, one of the unique, strategic advantages, in this ground fighting discipline. 

Feet Element

Fighting with your feet is, necessary, if you are going to control your opponent with your speed.  You will fight with greater efficiency, and impulse, if you are able to remain, balanced, and light.  This is the basis for imposing your strategic advantage over your opponent. 

Perserverance Element

Dedication is measured over time, and the only means to true  discipline, is to meet all challenges which are encountered in the pursuit of martial understanding. 

Mastery Element

We're to free ourselves of illusion to have true strength. That is the strength which permeates the whole of a person's spirit, mind, and body.  In this pursuit we must be skilled in all things we do.  In this we may be masterful as martial artists.

Informed Technique to Understand our Fighting

The Fighting Spirit in Technical Proficiency: KST

Technical proficiency in KST has been created to clarify the fighting spirit of this discipline.  Effective striking, which means well targeted and impactful strikes, means hard fighting and debilitating pain for our advesaries.  Our system is meant to imitate the king snake and is a wrestling and karate based art with a unique point sparring system.  

Fighting on the ground in KST we gain advantage by putting our opponent on their back. Engaging our opponents from a crouch position is key.  This is similar to both wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but the crouch is used by boxers as well.

We have a curriculum of Karate, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitusu, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Contact Fighting, and Bo Staff.  This art emphasizes speed as the king snake's primary advantage is iits superior reflexes.

King Snake a Comic Book Hero Martial Artist

King Snake a Comic Book Hero Martial Artist


The Artist's Diet

Eating Dictum

Every martial arts diet has to be for developing lean mass but in this program we keep are muscles strong, our minds fit and bodies sinewy, with a plan similar to an intermittent fasting diet.  We allow for time with our eating program to have our organs rest.

The artist requires time to be hungry.  Sometimes for 2-3 or more hours in a singular day.  Sometimes often in just one week.  

To sustain power and strength for fighting and a lean mass lots of calories have to be burned.  Lots of calories have to be consumed for power lifting exercises.

With this program you can expect to see maximum results in training and improving your flexibility. 

Alternate Reference For Fasting Diets

Lot's of carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins provide the nutrients you need to stay strong without over eating.  To do more research on fasting diets:  "Click Below"

Notes of Perspective to KST Founder



By Nick Biddle PhD

Matti Salminen is a determined man. He is determined to bear the burdens of an unfair world with stoic courage. He is determined to make the place better than he found it. He is determined to be an artful warrior and an existential seeker.

Haiku #44

That which has

conspired that I forsake the emptiness

of my future.

The booklet in front of you contains eighty-seven haiku poems followed by several brief chapters outlining the genesis, purpose, and structure of The King Snake Tradition (KST), a martial arts practice which balances the pen and the sword. Matti is unabashed: “When I lost my mind in 2002,” he writes, “I began to believe…”  Matti believed a lot of things and learned over time that many of them occurred in what he calls “alternate consciousness.” The art and the function of this booklet is to demonstrate use value out of experiences which society generally judges as useless. There is great merit in this effort. Matti manifests the high road to psychological affliction, and those of us who reflect honestly know we all carry some level of that condition.

There are gems here, enigmatic writing that evoke Buddhist koans: 

“There has been something to accepting that I am to be peaceful because there is violence in the world.”

And there are clarities:

“I want to create interest in The KST System from a political platform of free teaching,

public art, and non-violence.”

Overall there is aspiration on every page. The Haiku’s are sublime, period; they are sublime. The narrative sections are biographical, exploratory and declarative. Matti is fusing the power of the pen to make whole the person with the power of martial art to face time well prepared. Matti wants our interest in KST. He wants our participation in the creation of integrity. And he wants us to know that it can be done. 

First and foremost Matti is an advocate and an activist for a better mental health system. This work establishes his credentials, vision and substance. Reading it will do you good.

The Lotus Flower our Symbol of The Poet/Artist

The Lotus Flower our Symbol of The Poet/Artist

Aspiration Towards Mastery: Climbing The Mountain

Creed As Means To Culture

The next milestone in founding The King Snake Tradition is to approach levels of mastery with my own martial discipline (KST) as an art in life, philosphy, and practice.

Found Out Of Inspiration

The King Snake Tradition constitutes a philosophical doctrine of balancing the pen & the sword in combination with a point sparring system that inspires a fighting strategy like that of the king snake.  And I am attempting mastery in this discipline, much the same way Japanese soldiers had to be masters in Bushido, in order to be Samurai Warriors.

What we have in KST that is our equivalent of mastery is "The Full Fledged King Snake."

It will have to be established:  The Full Fledged King Snake is a testament to rite of passage; navigated, by study in all six martial disciplines that are curriculum in KST; that this may be part in of ascendance to mastery during 3 - 5 years as a street artist culture martial artist; and full study of our scholar warrior syllabus.

Study in KST begins with Karate, Wrestling, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Contact Fighting and Bo Staff.  But we graduate in the ranks of KST by martial understanding and in stewardship.

It is meant that The King Snake be a symbol of war (or martial preparedness.)  The Trumpeter Swan be a symbol of peace (or peace keeper.)  The Rat a symbol to the strategist.  And Lotus Flower a symbol of the poet artist.

One must be skilled in all these as well as they are in hand to hand combat.  Then the ascendance to mastery by rite may take place.

Statement Of Sincerity

To approach meeting this goal I'll have to have established a line of route; in this attempt I have already invested 10,000 hours into a martial education; and I will establish the street artist culture martial artist as the idea dominant to my existence; and thereby have founding KST as a life's task. 

KST Symbols

The King Snake

The Trumpeter Swan

The Trumpeter Swan

The King Snake is the symbol of war in The KST System.  The whole KST System is a reconstruction of a practice that saw that I was undefeated in 15 wars and 67 battles in another reality.  In the other reality, I followed a path to being like the king snake by pulling so far off from being able to fight that I would fight 45,000 fights a week for eight years.

The Trumpeter Swan

The Trumpeter Swan

The Trumpeter Swan

 The trumpeter swan is the symbol of peace in The KST System.  In my alternate reality, the trumpeter swan was symbolic of a martial artist who was honorable from how they fought.   

The Rat

The Trumpeter Swan

The Lotus Flower

The rat is the symbol of the strategist in The KST System.  I had a rat in my brain in my alternate reality.  In my alternate reality, someone put a rat in my brain to stop me from being the greatest warrior in history.

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is the symbol of the poet artist in The KST System.  The lotus flower was symbolic of the development of a martial arts system in my other reality.  In astrology, the lotus flower has a meaning of the beauty or light which comes out of a dark period in a person's life. 

Use of Symbols

The Lotus Flower

Use of Symbols

All of these symbols are meant to give feeling and creative insight to practice of balancing pen and sword in KST.  Each has meaning that is derived from an alternate consciousness that is, also, the ground source for this discipline.

KST Doctrinal Core

King Snake Tradition Logo

Didactic for Martial Discipline

Virtues of the Warrior Scholar: Humility, Bravery, Frugality, Loyalty, Patience, Honesty, and   Courage   

Source of Understanding for the Warrior Scholar:  Knowledge of Self 

Evils That Will Lead One Astray: Envy, Greed, Haste, Pride, Timidity, Anger, Disrespect, and   Selfishness 

Ideal of the Warrior Scholar:  To find freedom from worldly things   

Rule of the Warrior Scholar:  Break the rules   

Joys of the Warrior Scholar: Vicissitude, Friendship, and Skillfulness 

Duty of The Full-Fledged King Snake:  Live simply—train in the martial arts—and persist in   following a path of intellectual, moral, and spiritual cultivation.      

The Rat our Symbol of The Strategist

KST: Point Sparring System

Contests consist of 3 rounds—each one of these rounds is 2 minutes in  duration. A fighter may win or lose a contest by pin fall, submission,  knockout, technical knockout, disqualification or by points. Points are  awarded by: 2 points for take down, 2 points for knock down, 2 points  for reversal, and 1 point for escape. 1 point is awarded at the end of  each round to the most aggressive fighter of that round. If neither  fighter of a given round is found to be—clearly—the most aggressive  fighter only take down, knock down, reversal, and escape points are  tallied for that round. A match—won or lost by points—occurs when one  fighter has outscored their opponent in two of the three allotted  rounds. No points are awarded for near falls (different from wrestling).  If there is a foul, or act of unsportsmanlike conduct, the referee will  order a temporary stop to the fight. If a fight is stopped because of  unsportsmanlike conduct—or because of a foul—and neither fighter is  disqualified then the offending fighter will have a point deducted for  that round. Fighters may be disqualified for any and all fouls and acts of unsportsmanlike conduct at the referee’s discretion. Ties result in ties. 


Fouls and Acts of Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Butting with the head/ Eye gouging of any kind/ Biting, Spitting at an  opponent/ Hair pulling/ Fish hooking/ Groin attacks of any kind/ Putting  a finger into an orifice or any cut or laceration of an opponent/ Small  joint manipulation/ Striking downward using the point of the elbow/  Striking to the spine or the back of the head/ Kicking to the kidney  with a heel/ Throat strikes of any kind, including, without limitation,  grabbing the trachea/ Clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh/ Grabbing  the clavicle/ Kicking the head of a grounded opponent/ Kneeing the head  of a grounded opponent/ Stomping of a grounded opponent/ Using abusive  language in fighting area/ Attacking an opponent on or during the break/  Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee/ Attacking  an opponent after a round has ended/ Timidity, including, without  limitation, avoiding contact with an opponent, intentionally or  consistently dropping the mouthpiece or faking an injury/ Flagrantly  disregarding the instructions of the referee/ Spiking an opponent to the  mat on their head or neck/ Interference by the corner/ Applying any  foreign substance to the hair or body to gain an advantage  

Meditative and Ritualized Practice

We have designed our meditaion program to build strength and flexibility as means to improve your indigenous squat, kneeling meditation, and sitting cross legged.  Within twelve weeks you can build toward having the strength and flexibility to make significant improvements in both your Turkish Getup and Kossack;  combine this with about 30-45 minutes of stretching three to five days a week; train hip flexibility, torso flexibility, and range of motion to improve kicks, throws, and ground mobility; an you're beginning to develop the musculature that will improve your flexibility and meditation. Meditative practice is an important part of a martial arts for as much as it is to be conscious and aware.  From this ritualized practice I've developed the "patience meditation."  If done sufficiently the discomfort of squatting, sitting, or kneeling for a long period of time will induce deep breathing and vigilant focus. With my stretch routine I often will stretch towards half lotus; in this stretch I bend over each knee and over my crossed legs - front and center; my recommendation is to be comfortable in all three meditative postures (kneeling 30minutes, squatting 15 minutes, and sitting 1 hour).  Being relaxed in these will serve to relax breathing and cultivate the focus you need for proper meditation.

The King Snake Tradition Symbol of Martial Preparedness.

The King Snake Tradition Symbol of Martial Preparedness.

Discovery Chanel Copyright King Snake vs. Rattlesnake

The Inspiration for The KST System Fighting Strategy

KST Founder's Background

A long time ago, I lost my mind and began to work toward inventing a martial art.  This was a short time after losing my job teaching skiing.  Leaving the sport of skiing, I looked to self-education to build a new life.  With the intention to invent a martial art and be self-educated, I thought to begin work on creating a martial art by getting the right educational background.  I studied military science, and martial arts philosophy.  

For the next several years, beyond studying to invent a martial art, I would read widely.  And I would practice writing calligraphy and poetry.  In addition to my studies, I worked toward a training goal of doing push-ups on one finger tip.  It was a time of emotional exile.  And in this self-imposed isolation, I went deep into an alternate consciousness.   It was not a result of self-imposed isolation that I lost my mind; it was not without losing my mind that I chose a solitary path.  The two were simultaneous.

I lost my mind, and set out to invent a martial art.  I worked hard in the first years that I acquired the knowledge to invent a martial art.  These years were not lost, as, I am, making ground to realize my dream.

When I lost my mind in 2002, I began to believe that I had been undefeated in 15 wars and 67 battles.  I was the first man in history to knock out a Yoko Zuna.  And I led a small band of rebels to nearly overthrowing the Vermont governtment.  It was these successes in battle that I thought, myself ,to have the experience, necessary, to invent a martial art.  This period, in which I was immersed in an alternate consciousness, lasted ten years, uninterrupted.  The first four years of this period were a time of isolation; the six years that followed, saw, that I spend nearly five years in group homes, jails, and psychiatric hospitals.  

In the years of navigating the mental health and criminal justice systems, I gave up on inventing a martial art.  It would, however, regain my attention.  

In the Spring of 2012, I realized that the memories which I had of being a great warrior were of an alternate consciousness.  After first differentiating between my alternate and primary consciousness, I almost immediately took to writing.  And in writing, I found the means to recreate the person I am now; I began doing mental health advocacy.  I started off blogging and would soon speak at the State House; months after speaking at the State House, I would get a job in peer support.  These years saw that I reinvigorate the work I was doing towards having a background in self-education.

I set out to be self-educated, again, and found reason to get back into developing a martial art, again.  At first, I was going to recreate an almost forgoten warrior philosophy to serve as the underpinnings of my creative process as a writer.  But I expanded off that to develop points and rules for a unique fighting system.  It is a system where you can use punches, kicks, or blocks but, also, win or lose by pin fall.  Even after developing the points and rules for this fighting system, I was still more focussed on writing.

It came about that I would have to shelf writing for over six months (because I wasn't writing well, at all).  It was in this time, that I began taking Karate.  It was in taking Karate that my interest in inventing a martial art was strengthened to overcome any last doubts I had.  It would come about that I would ask for feedback on my fighting system from a soldier at Fort Lee, in Virginia.  He and other martial artists, at Fort Lee, were the first people to try the martial art; and they all thought it worked well.  

Since this time, my martial art has had publicity in Fifth Estate.  And I will, still, be working on developing curriculum for this system for years to come.  I do not want to over emphasize sparring in this system.  And I want to be able to teach martial arts to those who are not necessarily interested in fighting.

Inventing a martial art has been the most emotinally destructive of all my educational progects.  This is because violence is contingent with society.  There has been something to accepting that I am to be peaceful because there is violence in the world.  I had to go to a really dark place to reveal the light which could guide me to this acceptance.  And in this I am finding that there is another life long journey ahead of me.  I can live in a violent world and be able to inflict violence, myself, and still have the intelligence to be peaceful; many battles that have strengthened that wisdom in me.  Having that wisdom in my soul and consciousness will strengthen the hold I have on my martial arts goals.

If I cannot take anything from my stuggles, but that I didn't give up on this project of inventing a martial art - that, itself, has given me reason to keep fighting.  Not giving up on inventing a martial art has helped me in the understanding that madness has intelligence and purpose to it.  This is mad pride.

 Know Thyself Meditation

The only thing you have inside yourself is your heart.  The only thing you have outside yourself is your mind.  The only thing to which you belong is your soul.  And the only thing you have to understand is yourself.

Help Support Our Project

Your donation will help our effort to create a counter cultural movement and martial art out of KST. 

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My Expertise and Platform

Political and Artistic Initiatives

My political work includes leading The Vermont Mad Pride March in Montpelier with grant funding from Vermont Psychiatric Survivors.  I've given lectures at colleges and to groups interested in psych survivor issues.  I have one lecture on mad pride but also do public readings of The Dominant Idea by Voltairine de Cleyre.

My writings have been in nine magazines and newspapers.  These include 5th Estate, Sling Shot, Counterpoint, and Cannon's Mouth.  I've published both poems and essays and have two books to my name.

Now, I have my own small press called The Dreamer's Empire Press.  We publish books of poets and radicals both essays of a political nature and steet poetry

Eastern Culture a Non-Traditional Enzo

Eastern Culture a Non-Traditional Enzo