KST Founder's Resume

MATTI SALMINEN m.f.salminen@gmail.com | (802)735-5011 35 Cherry St., Milton, VT 05468


I've had poems and essays published in magazines all over the world.  Three of my Haikus were published in Cannon's Mouth out of Birmingham, United Kingdom.  Two essays that I wrote, on mad liberation, were published in a well circulated anarchist newspaper, called Sling Shot.  I wrote over 100 essays for Vermont Views as a regular blogger.


Interviewing skill Public opinion understanding Investigative skills Works well under pressure Leadership Project management Valid Vermont driver's license Exceptional writer

Self-starter Creative writing background Strategic planning Collaborative Story editing Google Docs competency Social media Deadline-driven


03/2015 - 10/2018 Production Worker | Vermont Bread Company - Brattleboro, VT Packaged bread and English muffins.

04/2013 - 10/2015 Blogger | Vermont Views - Brattleboro, VT Published regular pieces on the history and politics of psychiatric survivor movement and oppression to a blog called My Side of Madness. 

2014 - 2015 Peer Support Specialist | Pathways Vermont - Brattleboro, VT Built relationships with others based upon trust and honesty by using active listening and dynamic communication skills. 

04/2009 - 2011 Bicycle Mechanic | Ken's Island Pedlar - Grand Isle, VT Serviced, maintained, and repaired bicycles with focus on efficiency, quality, and safety.


1999 Milton Senior High School - Milton, VT High School Diploma I graduated out of an alternative education program that served students who were at risk of dropping out.

2009 Barnett Bicycle Institute - Colorado Springs, CO Bicycle Maintenance

School of Hard Knocks - Vermont Psychiatric Survivor Liberation I've managed to build expertise in the field of psychiatric survivor advocacy after a difficult and tumultuous time navigating the mental health system.


Along with the writing work that I've done over the last six years, I've built a platform as a mental health advocate.  I led the first Vermont Mad Pride March in Montpelier, as a statewide event.  It was grant funded and received a great deal of community support over three years. I've also, now, written and published two books; the first of these is a collection of 53 free verse poems, and 44 haikus; and the second is a collection of 87 haikus and a philosophical school in the martial arts.  This philosophical school is a know thy-self school of balancing the pen & the sword.  It was reviewed by two PhD, credentialed, friends.  The point sparring system was tested by soldiers at Fort Lee, in Virginia.  I've sent out about 250 copies of this book to book stores and info shops, presented them at zine fests, and circulated to other martial artists through networking.